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Rebuilding lives, restoring hope!
It’s easier to grow strong children than repair broken adults.


Hope Hill is a faith-based organization. That means we believe there is a spiritual component to treatment that is essential for healing and wholeness. As a Christian organization, we strive to follow biblical principles in the way we relate not only to one another, but also in the way we deal with and treat children, young adults and families in our care.


Tony And Jean Floyd, serving in Paraguay.

  On a visit to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, God spoke to Sister Phyllis Newby and gave her a burden for both the people and the country. Shortly after her return from Haiti, Sister Newby graduated from the School of Theology in Jamaica. She went on to attend and graduate from Anderson College in Anderson Indiana where she received a degree in both Theology and English and a minor in both Sociology and History. After her graduation from Anderson College in July of 1972, she traveled to Port-au-Prince to begin fulfilling her call. Visit for more...